Palm Springs Leak Detection Inc. is a highly specialized branch of the industry. We uses highly sensitive electronic equipment with audio transmitters that bounce high or low frequency waves off main or lateral water lines, which will indicate where the leak or leaks are and how deep they are. If sound does not reveal the leak, we do a complete visual inspection of the pool. If that turns up negative, we then pressure test the lines in the pool to find the leak. After a complete inspection - We will give you a report of our findings and a solution to any problems that exist. Palm Springs Leak Detection Inc. offers comprehensive and electronic pool leak detection with pin point accuracy for residential and commercial applications across the Greater Coachella Valley. We also provide Slab Leak Detection, Commercial Leak Detection, Residential Leak Detection and all other forms of leak detection in the valley.

Palm Springs Leak Detection Inc. has over 14 years experience in Leak Detection in the Coachella Valley. At Palm Springs Leak Detection Inc. we can perform the following services:
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  • Residential & Commercial applications
  • Swimming pools
  • Spas, fountains, and water features
  • Behind walls
  • Plumbing leaks under concrete & asphalt
  • Concealed water systems
  • Sewer line locating and profiling
  • Smoke Test to locate sewer odors
  • Camera and Video Record
  • Locating Sewer Stoppages, Root Intrusion, or Broken Lines
  • Locating Septic Tanks
  • Water Mains
  • Under Concrete Slab
  • Water Tank
  • Irrigation water lines
  • Real Estate Pool Inspections
At Palm Springs Leak Detection Inc. we pride ourselves on being the most knowledgeable professionals in our industry, having many years experience in locating and repairing leaks. For more information please contact us today at (760) 408-4451 or (760) 342-2139
Same day leak detection
Snorkel/diving & electronic

No cracked cement
No digging
No unnecessary hassles
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