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Has your water bill been higher than normal? Have you noticed water where it shouldn't be? You may have a leak! Have Palm Springs Leak Detection Inc. come take a look as soon as possible. We’ll find your leak and get it fixed quickly. Call our office today at (760) 408-4451
Water Leak Detection Service
Palm Springs Leak Detection Inc.
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Think you may have a leak? Trust Palm Springs Leak Detection Inc. your Coachella Valley leak detection experts, to find it fast!
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A water leak can lead to a bigger problem and can become a costly expense if this is not taken care of quickly and properly. When it comes to water leak detection, it is necessary to seek help from the expert leak detection professionals. There can be a lot of leak detection service providers but not all can provide the best services. Therefore it is essential to take some time in choosing the right service provider. Look no further, Palm Springs Leak Detection Inc. can provide you with professional and reliable leak detection services.

Identifying the Cause of Water Leaks
The sources of a water leak will greatly vary on the type of building as well as the general location of the structure require an expert in the field. Our experts are experienced on helping you with identifying the sources of your water leak problem. We also have the tools that can accurately pinpoint the water leak source. At Palm Springs Leak Detection Inc., we can provide you with exceptional services to ensure that the right leak source is identified and proper interventions to correct the problem are initiated. We make use of advance leak detection technology to ensure quick and fast detection of water leaks in your place.

What Makes Us The Best Among The Rest?
We, at Palm Springs Leak Detection Inc., aim to provide not only the solution to your water leak problems but also the best, reliable, and professional services. So, why choose us?

  • Palm Springs Leak Detection Inc. is locally owned and operated.
  • We provide flat rates for our exceptional services.
  • We also provide you with free estimates.
  • All the work and services we offer are guaranteed.
  • We have work references that you can check.

At Palm Springs Leak Detection Inc., we do not simply detect the sources of the water leak. We also make sure that the problem is resolved properly using advanced techniques and interventions. Moreover, fixing the problem does not stop there. We make sure that the same problem will not recur. When it comes to water leaks, you should not take any chances, have Palm Springs Leak Detection Inc. to take care of the problem for you. We can provide you accurate leak detection services and ensure that water leaks will never bother you again.
  • Residential & Commercial applications
  • Swimming pools
  • Spas, fountains, and water features
  • Behind walls
  • Plumbing leaks under concrete & asphalt
  • Concealed water systems
  • Sewer line locating and profiling
  • Smoke Test to locate sewer odors
  • Camera and Video Record
  • Locating Sewer Stoppages, Root Intrusion, or Broken Lines
  • Locating Septic Tanks
  • Water Mains
  • Under Concrete Slab
  • Water Tank
  • Irrigation water lines
  • Real Estate Pool Inspections
Pool & Spa Leak Detection
Water loss from your pool or spa can be a major problem. Let Pinpoint Leak Detection find the exact location of the leak. Whether it is in the circulation plumbing under the ground or a leak in the basic shell of the pool or spa, Pinpoint Leak Detection has the right equipment and proven techniques to locate the leak.
HomeLeak DetectionPlumbing ServiceSewer RepairFree Consultation

HomeLeak DetectionPlumbing ServiceSewer RepairFree Consultation

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